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GeoLidar Project

14 October 2018 | Dubai, UAE

An integrated solution for collecting geospatial information placed on the roof of the car, to prepare three-dimensional maps. It consists of a high-precision laser scanner, GPS devices, as well as panoramic cameras for 360-degree images. The use of the system greatly improves accuracy, speed and safety of data collection on highways and congested roads. The Municipality is the first government department in Dubai to own such a vehicle.


  • Monitoring & updating ongoing projects & data
  • Calculating earth work through volumetric calculation
  • Monitoring mass changes in the environment
  • Monitoring mass changes in construction
  • Providing street views for specific areas that others can't capture
  • Helping rescue operations
  • Building a city model
  • Capturing the green areas
  • Helping the auto change detection
  • Capturing assets through artificial intelligence​

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