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Dubai’s 3D Map project

12 April 2018 | Dubai, UAE

The project aims to provide three-dimensional maps of buildings and structures with external and internal details. This includes detailed maps of real estate units reaching down to the rooms and fixed fixtures level, such as air conditioning and lighting with linking the features on the maps to related information and systems such as real estate registration, asset management, maintenance, tenancy contracts, public safety, civil defense, etc. The 3D maps are created using accurate CAD and BIM designs submitted at the building completion stage, and in some cases the point cloud and mesh model data generated from aerial photography and mobile mapping instruments are used for existing buildings and structures. The 3D maps are used to conduct useful geo-spatial analysis such as design of future air taxi and commercial drone routes, shadow analysis and line of sight analysis. This provides an important tool for decision makers, and enables the provision of smart services to make Dubai a happy and sustainable city.​
Project Manager

Mohammed Khaled Hamoud

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