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Future Project:Indoor Mobile Mapping System

06 October 2019 | Dubai, UAE

The Indoor Mobile Mapping System is one of the latest global systems in the field of geospatial technology to collect data inside the building. It is also considered one of the most important strategic inputs for the construction of the digital city of the future, which depends entirely on the three dimensional database and geospatial models with high accuracy and modernity. This system features a hand push cart that can be easily moved inside buildings. It is also designed to accurately model interior spaces. It is characterized by high efficiency in producing 3D models and maps with real scales and high geospatial accuracy, and the possibility of producing two-dimensional diagrams for traditional drawing programs such as AutoCAD from the final product of the mapping. It also quickly covers thousands of square feet inside the building in a few minutes. In addition to that, it is characterized by the low cost of data acquisition of existing buildings and easiness of data entry in the geospatial database. The system can be used in an optimal way to produce three-dimensional models with high accuracy for the following examples of building types: 
  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Residential, commercial and government buildings
  • Public libraries, commercial centers and theaters
  • Exhibition halls, stadiums and others
  • Mines and underground tunnels
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Events, accidents and emergencies’ locations inside buildings
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