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To join the GeoDubai community, you must create an account through the following link: 
Click here

  • Log in to GeoDubai
  • Submit a service request. (ticket)
  • Check the response (approved/rejected/request more information)
  • By logging into your account "My requests".    ​

GISCD services are available 24/7, however, your request will be processed during the regular working hours (Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM).​

You can review the time needed for each service by checking the services’ page and clicking on “View Info’’ for the required service, please click here​​ ​to visit services' catalogue​ page​.​

You will receive an email notification as soon as the service is completed. You can also inquire by accessing your account and checking the request’s status.

There are no fees on services​

The GIS Centre uses different methods to collect geospatial data, for example:

  • 3D Aerial mapping
  • GeoLidar
  • Traditional GPS devices
  • Database links
  • Update through operations​

Requests are rejected for the following reasons:

  1. The submitted requests do not meet the conditions mentioned in the service - the customer is notified and if there is no response, the application is rejected
  2. Using personal e-mail when applying for services specified for government/semi-government/private entities.
  3. Conflicts in granting data or permissions with the data usage policy
  4. Applying for services that are not within the specialization of the GIS Center
  5. The reasons for applying to the service are not clear - the customer is informed, and if there is no response, the application is rejected
  6. Submitting the request by mistake for another service instead of the requested service
  7. The applicant is from a private entity and has a contract with a government entity, and the application is submitted by the government entity on his behalf​

For any inquiries or reports, you can contact the Geospatial Support Center on 042064500 or send an email to​

The applicant is prohibited from giving geospatial data to a third party without obtaining prior permission from the GIS Center​

It is prohibited to use geospatial data other than the purpose it was requested for

Training is provided on specialized programs in the GIS field that are suitable for both the advanced and the beginner levels, such as:

o DubaiHere system

o Makani Smart Addressing System for Indoor Units

o Geospatial software

o Building Information Modeling (BIM)​

Makani is the official geographic addressing system in Dubai. Makani means my location in Arabic and it consists of 10 digit numbers only called “Makani Number”. Each Makani Number gives you the location of the entrance of a building. The main purpose of creating this system is to make it easy for all to find places and navigate using electronic maps on smartphones, tablets, computers, and navigation systems.​

  • Determine the locations of the entrances to the main buildings with high accuracy up to 1 square meter using electronic maps, as each Makani number is unique and has a geographic reference for locating any entrance in the emirates.
  • Provide a unified address for each building entrance to support economic activities, as well as provide smart services, and reduce response time for emergencies.
  • Support inspectors' work of government entities.
  • Reduce trip time for different vehicles within the emirate, which reduces carbon emissions.​

Makani can be used by everyone of different ages and nationalities, because relies only on numbers to locate the entrances to buildings, such as schools, malls, etc.​

You can log in to the Makani App using:

1. Dubai electronic ID

2. User Facebook Account

3. User Twitter Account​

Through the features menu, choose the navigation icon for more than one destination and choose the destinations you want to visit​​

Shake the device or click on the icon from the main menu to enable the augmented reality to display the Makani plates of the buildings in that area.​​ ​

After receiving a Makani number according to the search tools available in the application, the user can add the number to the favorites list, but the user must log in from any smart device.​

Tap on the building and choose 360 to display the virtual plates on the screen. Tap on the virtual board and start navigating to that location. ​